Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's the little things...

It’s the little things in life like a perfect makeup brush. I bought a blush brush about two years ago from Sephora and I have held onto it with dear life. Weird, I know! Who gets attached to a MAKEUP brush? But when you find that perfect one, you just can’t let go. Well last night while I was cleaning up around my apartment, I walked into the bathroom and realized I had left my makeup bag sitting in the sink all day (my sink has a constant leak) and the entire pouch was flooded with water. I instantly grabbed the bag and poured out a quart sized puddle all over the floor. The first thing I noticed was how ALL my makeup brushes were soaked and deformed. I laid them out to dry over night and so far everything is looking like its regular shape. This tiny occurrence gave me a minor panic attack. Isn’t it crazy how such little things like a makeup brush can cause such grief to a woman?

I was first introduced to this perfect little blush brush about two years ago by a rather exuberant man at Sephora. He brought over a bronzing powder by a brand called “Cover FX” and I was kind of irritated that he hadn’t brought me something more high end like Nars or Guerlain. He picked up the brush, dusted a little “Cover FX” on it and started applying the powder to my cheeks, eyelids and lips. He told me this is a great trick to use when traveling or when rushing out the door. It consists of two items, is quick and is very low maintenance. Both the brush and compact are small and can easily pop into your purse.

Since this day at Sephora, I have found myself using this tip quite frequently. It has been my “go-to” make up trick for the past two years. I usually will add a coat or two of mascara and I always apply lip balm before brushing the powder on my lips. I hope this trick will come in handy for you as well.

Happy Tuesday!


Photos via sephora.com. For brush click here and compact click here.

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  1. Sloaners- It is not weird that you are so attached to your makeup brush. One time I left my makeup brushes on a plane and I was hysterical when I realized they had been left behind. They actually ended up escorting me back to the plane and delayed the flight for 15 minutes so I could get them back. Sometimes it's the little things that are your most prized possessions :)