Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's the little things...{red}

It’s the little things... like the power of RED.

What is it about the bold vibrant hue?

It can form an eye catching outfit by adding a simple pair of tights, an elegant hat or by

slipping on a pair of exhaustingly tall high heels.

In a matter of seconds it can create one of the most timeless looks of all- RED lips.

No matter what, RED makes a statement.

Whether it’s through a cluster of balloons, the umbrella one is holding, or just the writing on a diet coke can,

RED is a hard color to miss yet an easy one to amplify.

What an exciting color!


photo via geraniumbelle

photo unknown

photo via lefashion

photo via the-coveted.com

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photo via lavieboston

photo via piercemattiepr

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  1. Agreed...The juxtaposition of a red necklace against darker shades is especially fun. Thank you Mom for the Red Rosary...