Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mid-Week Must-Haves

Even though this week is a short one, I’ve already compiled some things for a lust list...

Here are MY mid-week must-haves:

Tortoise frame eyeglasses

I love how the specs on this model give the photo a sense of simple-messiness

A charming stack of coffee table books

photo unknown

Stripes and Leather

demonstrated quite effortlessly by style icon- Ashley Olsen

photo via olsensanonymous

The new “Little Brown Dress” nail polish from Essie

photo via thebeautyscoop

Rose gold jewelry

photo via certifiedwatchstore

Alexa Chung for Madewell

(available online tomorrow!)

photo via thestyleeater

and I wouldn’t be unhappy at all if a ticket to this fell on my lap

photo via 39thandbroadway

What are YOUR mid-week must-haves?



  1. i know that you want tortoise frame glasses after seeing mine. it's okay, you can give me cred. hahaha.

  2. ok a) im obsessed with alexa chung's madewell collection. anything having anything to do remotely with jcrew has me at the get go.
    b) i am in love with this blog!!!
    c) i love you.