Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A thought for Thursday:

J.Crew nails it every time!

Last week when the September catalog of J.Crew showed up in my mailbox, I couldn't have been more tickled about Fall fashion after opening the front cover to find this quote titled,


“Each fall, the rush of readying our wardrobe has some of the thrill of a new love affair. From plush velvets to seductively soft cashmere, we're drawn to sensuous textures that beg to be curled up with. Drapey silk and wisps of lace lend some in-the-bedroom allure to the everyday, accented with moments of subtle sparkle. At last, Autumn has arrived...” -j.crew catalog september 2010

I don't think fall fashion can be described much better than that!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from their September issue:

This has FALL ROMANCE written all over it

I'm obsessed with her remarkable curly hair AND I'm coveting those zip leather gloves

I love how a classic cashmere crewneck like this can be worn anytime of the day

But this photo in particular has me craving a big comfy couch while watching a movie

How adorable is Katie Holmes in this photo?

photos scanned via j.crew catalog september 2010

Ready up your wardrobe because Fall is on its way!

What's your Thursday Thought?



  1. s-
    so happy you've started this gem! i miss you and your fashion. ps could i love jcrews catalog any more??? I don't think so. pps those pictures of katie and josh reminded me that they has a movie coming out soon, The Romantics. Let's see it together!

  2. Sloane,
    I'm loving your blog. I'm so glad you started it. I too am obsessed with JCrew's Fall catalog. Katie Holmes looks adorable. Makes me wish I had long dark brown hair. But we all know that just wouldn't look good. I'm excited to see more posts!!! Love it!