Thursday, September 9, 2010

A thought for Thursday:

I came across this message while browsing through Country Living Magazine.

It caught my attention because I realized how true it is...

(scanned image via Country Living magazine)

As much as “instant” media has taken over, they will have a hard time overpowering the magazine industry.

There’s quite a different feeling when holding a magazine in your hand versus reading through a computer screen.

The photos and articles are much more captivating and real.

You can tear out your favorite ads and articles from magazines but you can’t do that with a blog or web page-

and that is where the connection is lost.

I mean, whats more exciting than opening your mailbox after a long day and finding

a glossy, crisp, untouched copy of your favorite magazine or catalog?

Not too much.

So grab your latest periodical, poor yourself a yummy drink and relish the moment of actually holding a magazine.

What do you think about "instant" media taking over?

What's your thought for Thursday?


image via fashionsquad


  1. I love mags. Theres something about sitting in your pjs in your favorite sitting spot. There's no lounging comfortably with a laptop and getting eye sores and headaches from looking at a screen to long.