Thursday, September 30, 2010

A thought for Thursday:

I once stumbled upon a book that was packed full with practical thoughts and perceptions.

It’s actually a book of advice from a father to his son. The father says,

“I sat at our kitchen table and jotted down a few pages of instructions and personal observations for my son, Adam. He was beginning his freshman year at college, and I felt that a collection of the insights and discoveries which had positively influenced my own life might be an appropriate gift to commemorate this important event.”

I love little books like this. I can always find a new piece of information to glue into my memory. They are often little things that I don’t want to forget. These kinds of books are always enlightening and help you realize how the actions you take and decisions you make each day can affect someone else- things you probably don’t even realize. I love how such simple behavior can instantly brighten ones day and even benefit yourself at the same time.

Here are just a few of my favorites...Enjoy!


“Every so often, invite the person in line behind you to go ahead of you.”

“When you have the choice of two exciting things, choose the one you haven’t tried.”

“Look for ways to make your boss look good.”

“Don’t expect your love alone to make a neat person out of a messy one.”

“Meet regularly with someone who holds vastly different views than you.”

“Take off the convention badge as soon as you leave the convention hall.”

“Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship.”

“Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.”

The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book, H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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