Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's the little things...

It’s the little things in life... like a little before and after.

When I moved into my apartment two and a half months ago,

I bought a table and chairs for a deal!

I was ecstatic about the elongated benches and chairs; not your ordinary dinner table.

The only imperfection to this steal of a deal was that it needed a little reupholstering.

I thought to myself... “piece of cake.”

Well, to my surprise and lack of experience, here I am ten weeks later and it is FINALLY done. My dad suggested I stain the table and thankfully I agreed.

He deserves nearly all the credit to its alluring new hue.

I also owe some credit to my mom and aunt who helped with the reupholstering. Reupholstering is NOT easy. Sounds easy right? Staple gun, scissors and fabric. No biggy! Took me a lot longer than I thought.

But it was well worth the wait.





  1. WOW! You are smart! It looks so good and expensive! P.S. I love the wood floors and the brick in your apartment. Cool.

  2. That is fabulous and clever! Love it :)

  3. SO impressed!! I'm about to get my couch upholstered but I don't dare. You did an awesome job, though!!

  4. Holy moly, that's an improvement! The table looks so good now!

    Call Me Ishmael

  5. way to give new life to all that furniture! You are definitely inspiring...I have one or two things of my own that could use a little elbow grease and a new "face"....great work!

  6. Wow, not only a fashion expert, but handy and creative too! Fabulous job, Sloane! You should post this on the Better After blog. http://betterafter.blogspot.com

  7. Wow, what a difference! These look amazing. Well done! Super impressed :)


  8. Yeah, there was a nice piece of furniture under all that grime and goo. It looks great in your apartment. Way to recycle Sloane.

  9. love it! so fun to have projects like that!! besides your home should be a project in and of itself!

  10. That looks beautiful! The stain was definitely a great choice.