Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid-Week Must-Haves

Calling all Delta Gamma’s!

Models at the Christian Dior runway show for Spring 2011 flaunted edgy sailor looks and I couldn’t quite get enough.

Here are just a few of my favorites. See the entire collection here.

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I’ve been curious to try the Nike Free 5.0 running shoe. It is designed to allow your feet to have increased freedom.

Since my feet are as wide as a duck and are forced into about every pair of shoes I own,

I’ve been thinking I should give them a try.

If any of you have a pair, send me your take on them.

How adorable is this plum colored skirt?

I was immediately fond of this living room when I spotted it... the concrete fireplace is astounding!

photo via delightbydesign

What a clever idea for a wedding favor!

photo unknown

I have a secret love for pocket squares on men

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I loved the old-fashioned cover for the 25th Anniversary edition of Elle Magazine.

... and I had to add (below) this photo of Lauren Conrad. It is so unexpected from her usual style. I am keen on the fact that even though she is suited up in menswear, she still looks feminine with the bold, pink shade on her lips.

Scanned photos via Elle Magazine, October 2010


  1. The nikes r FABULOUS!!!!! and are so cute! They are light and your feet can breathe in them. They shape to your feet and feel like socks. I actually prefer them over my mizuno running shoes. I have hot pink and grey ones. You won't be disappointed. I love you!

  2. OH my gosh. Love the sailor style! Also LOVE the purple skirt. And seriously pocket squares are the hottest things! Obsessed.

  3. Sloane! I have wide feet too and I love my Nikes!

  4. pocket squares are bitchin, purple skirt=adorable, and I love Lauren Conrad.
    -Becca C.
    your penpal