Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-Week Must-Haves

This week I'm loving...

Pretty people on pedal bikes

photos via here and here

Comfort foods

photo via sassyhorse

Tiffany and Co. yellow diamonds

photo via Tiffany's

Dressed up white walls

photo via here

Remember my love for pocket squares on men?

I also secretly love when they wear socks that have a pattern or texture

photos via GQ

Dressing up for no specific reason- like going to the bookstore

photo via dressdesigndecor

And for some reason I can’t get over stylish stripes

photos via here, unknown and here

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. i also heart fun socks!!! thank goodness my husband is good and plays along, since i buy most of his clothes!

  2. Sloane, I have had fun visiting your blog. My comfort food is right here. I just popped some popcorn and have a tall glass of ice water. Did I mention it was buttered. Well anyway I like your blog and I must say that you look great in those Wellies for sure. (So Cute)