Monday, October 11, 2010

My closet Monday

This weekend I decided to pack a bag and drive south to spend some quality time at my parents. Before I left, I spent maybe two minutes with my suitcase. I threw in some pants and a couple sweaters and flew out the door. While I was home, I randomly decided to put an outfit together to mix up the background for “My closet Monday.” When I opened my suitcase to see what I had packed, I thought to myself, “BORRRRING!”

But I worked with what I had and with a little help from my mama’s closet, I settled on this camel colored ensemble.

While uploading the photos to my computer, I started craving one of my favorite treats,

a maple bar doughnut with a tall glass of ice cold milk.

My mom said I looked like an aviator as did my brother.

So make of it what you’d like... doughnut? Aviator? What’s next?

Happy Monday!


t-shirt and trousers: Banana Republic, jacket: Doma, scarf: Madewell, pumps: Aldo


  1. Very very chic Autumn look. I love this style :)