Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy days and Monday's

With the delightful wet weather that showered the streets this weekend,

I was jonesing for my rainy-day wellies.

These simple pieces of rubber certainly please my feet throughout inclement weather.

They continuously manage to keep my toes cozy and dry.

Notice the gleaming golden leaves in the background!

Happy Monday!


H&M striped dress (worn as shirt,) Silence&Noise Skirt, Hunter rain boots, F21 Belt, Michael Kors watch, UrbanOutfitters eyewear


  1. SLoaner!!! I absolutely love reading your blog, it is a highlight everyday:) Oh and I just noticed that Cort has a FB??? WHAAATTT? I swear it was just yesterday he was being pushed around in a stroller while you were being pushed out of the subway doors in NYC! haha crazy

  2. Cute, cute, cute...course anything looks good on could wear a paper bag and it would look fabulous!