Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the little things...{Holiday Happenings}

The other day I started thinking about some things that were on my summer to do list that I never had a chance to complete. These were things such as going camping (preferably on a beach,) hiking Mount Olympus (or Timpanogos,) spending every Saturday morning at the farmers market, visiting Oktoberfest at Snowbird and taking a road trip to the west coast (i.e. Portland, Seattle or San Francisco.) I was sort of mad at myself for not setting out and completing these events. But as I was thinking about the things I didn’t do, I started thinking about the things that I want to do this upcoming season and even the little things that make me excited about winter and the holiday’s.


My list of little things that make me happy about the holidays:

Peppermint bark

Gingerbread houses


When the radio stations start playing holiday tunes

When the neighbors bring over their yearly Holiday treats

Home Alone and Charlie Brown’s Christmas

The seasonal Diet Coke cans :)

Bundling up in a puffy coat, with the warmest boots, gloves and a scarf

Going home for the holiday’s

And here are some things I want to do this winter:

Go snow-shoeing

Ski more times this year than last

Read more books

Help a family for Christmas

Learn to crochet (I try to learn every year and give up)

Cook more

Branch out of my fashion comfort zone... maybe wear really fluffy earmuffs or

pick an outfit with a pop of color or a pattern (I often wear flat solid colors.)


  1. you forgot to add the 2nd annual T.A.R dinner and gift exchange! maybe you can try out a daring fashion outfit that night? you know T.A.R welcomes those things with open arms! xoxo

  2. I want to learn how to crochet too! I'll learn if you do ok? :)