Monday, December 13, 2010

All that's checkered

Preface to today's post:
As I sit here and write today’s post in bed with a giant ice pack on my face to prevent swelling from getting my wisdom teeth out over the weekend.  (It’s really cute by the way.)  I started thinking about how lately I have tried to express my favorite fashion thoughts through only a picture.  I often will post a picture and that's it.  And then I expect readers to understand exactly what I was trying to address or exactly what I saw in that photo or why I even posted it.
But really, you probably have no idea why I posted it or what made me think, “Wow! I really need to post this photo.”  So, I am going to try from now on to explain my thoughts with the photos I post and try to help you understand my reasoning behind it.  Everyone interprets things differently and it’s fun to see or hear someone else’s perspective on it.  So, if you see something I post and I don’t mention something that YOU see, I’d love for you to comment and point it out! It makes things so much more interesting!

Anyway,  my latest outfit for My closet Monday came from an array of items that have sat in my closet for over a year without any use.  I am learning that this happens to me a lot.  I get comfortable wearing a certain outfit and will wear it over and over again.   How boring!  But I found this quote the other day, “A fashionable woman wears clothes, the clothes don’t wear the woman!” 
This goes hand in hand with wearing your clothes confidently.  If you’re wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable it’s going to show.  Just act poised and no one will know. 

So why do we let these clothes sit in our closet for months? Are we afraid of what others might say? Do we simply just not like it?  Do we forget about it? 
You obviously bought it for a reason.  So if you like it, wear it!
When you go to your closet today (or every day this week) to pick out an outfit, I dare you to pick something you haven’t worn in months.  Wear it with self-assurance and I’m almost certain you will receive a compliment.  In fashion it’s often not about what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. 


Mango Blazer, Banana Republic ruffle top, F21 sequin skirt, Urban Outfitters tights, vintage pearl necklaces, Fioni oxford heels


  1. Beautiful! I decided just the other day that I need a fun print or colored jacket/coat! Thanks for sharing!