Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bonjour Monsieur: {Is the "popped" collar coming back?}

Or is it just a little flip?  These photos taken by the phenomenal Sartorialist show something new to the world of mens fashion. “The Collar Flip.” 

“All over sartorial Japan (at least in the Classic Italian sub-genre) guys flip their shirt collar to appear more nonchalant. Even the shops display the shirts with the collars flipped.” -The Sartorialist

I think this style reveals a sense of professionalism and debonair.  It gives the impression of someone attending a red carpet event or black tie affair.  It almost seems to be a bit fancy in my opinion.  It’s probably not something to wear on the daily.  I wonder how long it takes to create the perfect “flip?”  It looks like it could be a timely process.  Spending more time perfecting your “flip” than the amount of time you actually wear the shirt is probably a big no-no. 

So, which do you prefer? 
Popped or Flipped?
Though I thought the “popped collar” era was over, I do not mind this “Carter Basin” version...

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