Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey Guyyysss! A little holiday hint!

I have decided to start incorporating a mens section into Eleven.49 every once in awhile...I’m not quite sure what the topics will consist of but I’m aiming for anything from mens fashion to cars, sports, food etc... you know all the “guy” stuff.  Not that I’m an expert in these areas AT ALL but I’m going to take a stab at it from a girls point of view.  So, for today I thought I would hint to all those boys out there who still need to buy their girl a present for the holidays. (Ahem, DAD, this is for you.  Mom will LOVE you.)

Hey boyyysss!! Are you having trouble finding that perfect gift for your woman this holiday season? Well, if you’re at a loss I have three simple words for you:  LITTLE. BLUE. BOX.  
All you have to do is visit and voilà... you will have your lady’s heart in a flash. Their gifts come in all shapes and sizes and range in all sorts of prices. There’s silver and gold and diamonds too, I hope this helps your gift giving rue! 
(Now ladies, all YOU need to do is leave this page open somewhere you know "he" will see it!)

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