Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's the little things...{Like a closet!}

It’s the little things in life like when your special man friend is inventive and architecturally savvy.  When I moved into my apartment this last summer, I didn’t have a closet.  Can you believe that?  What kind of apartment these days doesn’t have a space for a young woman to keep all her most treasured items in?  You know, all her flashy jewelry, sky-high stilettos, exquisite evening bags, cashmere scarves etc... those are all the most treasured items in young girls lives these days. Right?  Well, thankfully a certain friend of mine created a space for me to keep all of these treasured items in.  And I thought I’d give you a peak of what my closet really looks like... With a little bit of patience, precise skills and imagination it was completely finished in a matter of days.  The final project includes, a spacious five level shelving unit and an impressive hanging mechanism that suspends from the ceiling.  Two stainless steel bars create levels for hanging regular items like blouses, skirts and jackets.  And there's even a small section made for longer pieces such as dresses and coats.  I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome... It couldn’t have turned out better!
Happy Tuesday!




  1. Tell your special mans friend brother to come build me something!haha Your closet looks amazing. LOVE IT!

  2. That looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Where's your bed? What room did you turn into your closet?

  3. this is the coolest closet ever! love it sloane!