Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the little things...{Like a Sprinkle of Sparkle!}

It’s the little things in life like a sprinkle of sparkle in your wardrobe. 
I’m admiring these simple pieces that have been dusted with sequins.  

 As we all head home for the holidays something like this would be fabulous to dress in while zipping through the Christmas Eve chaos. (sorry boys you can’t wear sequins.. we all know you’ll be the only ones out shopping on the 24th. You always are.)  
But you could wear something like this... just an idea.

I’d like to call these outfits (for men and women)“holiday with a touch of sophistication.”  
I’m loving the girls look with the disheveled chignon and if you have a party later that night, throw on a belt, skirt and heels and dash out the door!  Keep your look effortless and classy.  We’re already overwhelmed as it is so don’t put too much thought into your appearance...
 (until new years.)

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  1. Sloane--great ideas! Love them all! Have a Merry Christmas!