Friday, January 28, 2011

Kiss your week goodbye! {And favorites!}

Wahoo for the weekend! 
Whether you had a fantastic week or one that was more on the mediocre side, 
kiss it goodbye and say HELLO to the weekend! 
I'll be back up in Park City enjoying the last few days of the Sundance Film Festival. 
 I can hardly wait.  
What's on your weekend agenda? 
Anyone else up in Park City?
See you Monday!
P.S. Just wanted to thank all who have voted for me in the 
"Next Big Style Blogger" contest.
If you haven't voted yet, click here and vote for "Sloane, Salt Lake City!"
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Favorite Photo...
Hello Spring?
You can arrive any day now!
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Favorite Quote...
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Favorite Link...
Coolest DIY nails tutorial from 
Can't wait to try this!

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  1. I saw these nails too and totally want to try it, however I am horrible at painting my own nails:(