Monday, January 3, 2011

My closet Monday: {Back in a Black Tie}

And we're back! Welcome to a new year, a new you and to trying out new styles with your wardrobe.
Every year, I think it's essential for all of us (along with all the other "new" things we're going to do for the New Year) to evaluate our wardrobe and think of anything we'd like to change.  Whether it's something small like adding more accessories to your daily uniform or cinching a belt around your favorite "go-to" outfit (mine is an oversized collared (white or blue) button down with black leggings and boots.  I could easily mix up this look by tossing on a simple belt.)  Or maybe your goal is something a bit bigger like completely tossing those "I'm having a fat day" jeans or picking a vibrant color for your winter coat (instead of black.)  I encourage you to pick one new thing that you normally wouldn't wear (or normally wear too much) and add (or toss) it to (or from) your wardrobe.
For my new wardrobe venture, I chose a tie.  It's actually a belt from a sweater that I tied in a bow to appear more girly.  Sometimes a crisply tied tie can look too masculine on a woman.  It's always fun to try new things.  So have fun, be daring and wear your new item with confidence.
Happy Monday and Happy 2011.

Gap collared button up, Gap "leatherette" jeans, H&M peacoat, Fioni black pumps


  1. I am glad you are back! I missed you! Love the outfit & you look soo pretty.

  2. You are the cutest most fashionable girl I know! Soo good to see you and catch up the other day at lunch. Love ya!

  3. That coat is so adorable! And the tie looks perfect, not masculine at all. love it!