Monday, January 31, 2011

My closet Monday! {Dramatic Duo}

When I first started Eleven.49, these hot pink pumps were one of the first things I wanted to wear in a "My closet Monday" shoot.  I picked them out several times to pair with an outfit, but it never happened.  For this weeks look, I felt that it's about time to pull them off my shoe shelf.
While I was deciding what to wear them with, I thought to myself,
 "What is the least expected color you would see hot pink with?  Probably red.  
And what is the color you would most expect to see it with? Probably black."
So, I found the most red that exists in my closet 
and tossed it on with these vibrant little heels.
I think I actually like the red better than black anyway,
 it's fun to pair two unexpected things together.
I kept the jewelry to a minimum since both the 
dress and shoe colors are rather loud. 
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday!

H&M Dress, Topshop Heels

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