Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My closet Monday! {Something Simple}

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend!
 I apologize for lacking a post yesterday as I was celebrating my birthday!  
{A rather PINK birthday, might I add.} 

A big thanks for all the wonderful wishes! I feel lucky to say that it couldn't have been a better day- loaded with surprises, spent time with my favorite friends, enjoyed delicious food 
and got to visit with the family. 

Now on to My closet Monday!
With black being the color of choice in most winter wardrobes,  it can easily get depressing and monotonous day after day.  So why not add a pop of color to brighten up a dull outfit?   It's super simple and can turn around an outfit in seconds.  Choose from a belt, to a necklace, to a scarf or a wintery hat- something that will stand out and catch peoples attention. 

Image via Apartment34

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  1. I am glad you had a fun birthday! I couldn't love your choice of outfit anymore! I love your hat. It it adds a very nice pop!