Monday, January 24, 2011

My closet Monday! {Welcome back 70's Denim}

New year. 
New Trends. 
Enter: Wide Leg Denim  
Over the past few years the denim section of my closet has been taken over with skinny, skinnier and skinnier-er jeans.  When I heard that wide leg denim (and higher waists) are making a come back for spring, I reached for the only pair of semi-wide leg jeans that still reside in my closet.  Since they are a bit wider than my usual black skinnies, I paired them with this beige shoulder-studded top.  And as it's not springtime yet, I added this slouchy hat to keep a wintry feel.
This look is very simple and totally me.  
Those who know me, will rarely see me wearing prints and patterns 
(a resolution I am working on.)
Not that I will be trading the new wide leg for my everyday skinnies but it's always nice to bring a fresh rotation to the closet. 
What spring trend are you coveting?
 Happy Monday!

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  1. I voted! I hope it worked.. I couldn't tell if it did or not. Good luck Sloane!