Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ghastly Grammy's

Is it impolite of me to say that I was not impressed with 
many of the red carpet looks for the 
Grammy Awards? 
It's rather unfortunate that I am too embarrassed to post some 
of the horrifying outfits from Sunday night's show. 
Talk about fashion faux-pas!

So, my best dressed award goes to...

Selena Gomez

and Justin Bieber

These little youngsters sure know how to keep it gorgeous, handsome and classy! 
Did you have a favorite look?
Happy Tuesday!
Images via msn


  1. Her. She stunned me and I have a slight girl crush on her because she is so darn adorable! (Also thought Leann Rimes looked beautiful)

  2. i thought that kim kardashian looked cute, not that i would ever dare wear her dress though.
    now come on, what about lady gaga, she didn't even get a mention from u!!!

  3. I completely agree on that one...Nicole Kidman's was the 2nd best in my opinion...but barely.