Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Valentine's Question

What are you wearing this St. Valentine’s Day? 
For some of you, the day is a great distance off and this hasn't yet crossed your mind. 
and for some of you, it's been pressed and ready for a good week.  
Whether you’re going out with a special someone, 
your closest friends or just enjoying a quiet evening on your own,
 it’s still a fabulous excuse to dress up
 in a bold little number 
in lieu of the holiday!

Perhaps it be something fancy? 

or something a little more casual?

possibly it’s an accent...

at your crown...

or your side...

Or perchance is it hiding beneath those attractive little soles?

All I can say is...

And P.S. I hope you get some of these!

Happy Thursday!
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  1. i loooooove those shoes!

  2. obsessed with the louboutin's... want a pair so bad! xoxo

  3. Kind of obsessed with those red skinnies!

  4. If I had a special someone, I'd probably have put more thought into it by now but since I don't, I'll probably just buy some red PJ's and spend the night watching re-runs of Project Runway. Whoever said being single was a bad thing? :)
    Though, I am in LOVE with the bright red heels idea.