Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscars: Love, Like & Dislike

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday you witnessed 
a wide variety of dresses to grace the red carpet.  
I am always fascinated by what each person chooses to wear.  Some women look flawless and sometimes I wonder what was going through their head? 
Here is a list of what Loved, Liked and Disliked from the night.
What were some of yours?

Love: I love how she is willing to take a risk and flaunt it.

 Like: A little too see-thru if you ask me but liked the circular back detail

Dislike: Is that an old sweater from a box underneath your bed?

Like: Looks stunning but a little too "sparklicious" for me

Love: Phenomenal as always

Like: Doesn't really stand out to me. Could've been worse I guess. 

Dislike: Too plain and boring. 

Dislike: Everything is struggling. Hair, Dress and Accessories

Love:  I enjoyed all of Anne Hathaway's looks throughout the night.  
But I know she got a lot of heat for this dress.  
Personally, I love the volume near the bottom and LOVE the red dress, nails and lips!

Like: I would not have picked to wear this to the Academy Awards

Like: Truthfully I liked this dress.  I believe she's wearing it for the fashion.  
She's obviously not there to be risque or to attract men.

 Like: It works for someone who's pregnant

Like: I wish the dress showed more of her shoulder/collar bone area.  
Maybe a little too reserved?

Love: Totally appropriate for her age

Love: Simply Stunning!!

Love: Completely Classic!

Like: Would've enjoyed something embellished or ruffled around the shoulders or at the hem.

Like: Sleek and Sophisticated
All images via WonderWall


  1. i heart anne hathaway's blue dress she wore!!!

  2. ps this is traci, not brandon!!!

  3. i'm so glad you loved reese! i thought she looked like the original barbie doll - and was obsessed of course. also totally agree on halle. fav gown of the night!

  4. LOVED Mila Kunis' dress. I'm in love with that designer right now. He made a dress that Halle Berry wore a few months ago that I was absolutely crazy about! Now if only he'd make me one. ;)
    I agree with every single one of your likes and dislikes. Especially the third one. haha I don't know who that is but you got it spot on.

  5. Halle and Mila were my favorites as well. I also really liked Cate Blanchett's as well. It was very fashion forward and I loved how different it was. Reese Witherspoon was a huge fail for me...what was that attachable porn ponytail?